My name is Anh Huy and this is a short bio about my journey to being a solo game developer working from home.

I’ve always had two passions growing up, science and gaming, it was either be a researcher or a game developer. My education led me to become a scientist (PhD, Molecular Biology) and up to 2013, I was a postdoctoral researcher in Switzerland.

However, the work/life balance isn’t great as an academic research scientist. Also, the uncertain future, academia politics and chasing grant funding was not something that I was happy with.

On top of those issues, I have a young family, with two small babies. I wanted to spend more time with them, watch and guide them as they grow up. I had to shift into a new career that allows me to take care of my family financially but also allow me the time or presence to raise my kids directly.

So I turned to my old passion, gaming.

I saw an opportunity with game development, because despite all the concerns around the “Indie-apocalypse”, it’s never been easier to publish games and reach the masses.

I had/have this believe that if I “make a good game, it will sell”. My reasoning was simple enough, if I, somewhat of a geek (hence, Halfgeek) who enjoys gaming, there must be many gamers out there like me, with similar taste!

In early 2013, I resigned as a researcher in Geneva and returned to Melbourne to begin a new journey.

I started with a blank slate, with only my nostalgic gaming memories growing up as a guide and inspiration. With each game that I create, I’ve learnt so much from the process and it inspires me to create that next game, bolder in scope as a personal challenge.

As to the huge risk in quitting a very well paid job, changing career and forsaking many years of education, whether it was a stupid/naive idea or the right one, time will tell…

Email: halfgeekstudios@gmail.com

Twitter: @AH_Phan

These are my science research publications:




My daily routine consists of working on my projects alongside my baby daughter (7yrs) and son (5yrs).

Being a solo game-developer from home has its perks! 🙂


My eldest daughter when she was ~2.5 years old.


Daughter at ~3 years old and Son at ~1.5 years old.

Geneve 2

Daughter at ~4 years old.

Update: December 2018

Early in 2018, we had another baby girl.

Aiko 01

3rd time lucky? 🙂