Nomads of the Fallen Star: Combat Mechanics

Turn-based RPGs are one of my favorite game genres. I grew up with lots of hours spent playing classics such as Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and cRPGs such as Fallout… Continue reading

Squad Management, Missions, Crafting, Trading & UI

Personally, the UI design I prefer in games focus on ease of function and minimal clicks with maximal information and lots of mouse-overs for extra info. I have carried through with this approach… Continue reading

The Game World

In my previous blog entry, “Surviving Mid-Development Hell“, I described the process that resulted in the game becoming very different to what I had once envisioned nearly 3 years ago. Despite these differences,… Continue reading

Chess in a post-apocalypse world

That’s the combat style I wanted to take this next open world RPG towards. Grid-based, clever AI, with an intensity to combat due to harsh consequences. The player’s squad recruits and NPCs are… Continue reading

Surviving Mid-Development Hell

It’s been a long hiatus on my developer blog as I’ve been stuck in what game developers often refer to as “Mid-Development Hell”. It’s a phenomenon where the end is just not within… Continue reading

Holiday Greetings & Video Tutorial

Greetings Pilots, It’s been a year already since release, how time flies! I just wanted to give a heads up, the game will go on a 50% sale on Steam for the holiday… Continue reading

iOS 10 issues…

Update: I’ve fixed the engine bug/code myself and it no longer has a random crash. The update is submitted to Apple and should be online tomorrow or the next. ———————— I can’t get… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 updated on iOS

Fixed the major compatibility issue with iOS10+ so it now no longer gets stuck on load or crash! Also reduced memory usage slightly. Currently testing a rebuild of Star Nomad Elite for iOS… Continue reading

iOS 10.0.2 crashes Star Nomad 2…

Just to update, I am aware of the issues on the most recent iOS update. The game sometimes get stuck during loading, which can be fixed by force exit and re-launching. It will… Continue reading

Ninja Girl & Star Nomad Elite offline on iOS

When I ported over these earlier games, I was using a semi-finished system from Apple, their newly released WKWebView engine that runs PC code¬†Javascript at near-native performance. Back then, it was functional but… Continue reading