Update & thanks to everyone who’ve played my games

2020 just flew by really quickly, and I know folks struggled through it. As for myself, I have been busy from late 2019 through in 2020 with a lot of work outside of… Continue reading

Update on future space epic & my Gamedev journey

Just a short blog to update those who have enjoyed my games in the past, that my new project is coming along well. I’ve been working on a random universe generator, similar to… Continue reading

Update 1.04 for Android & iOS for Nomads of the Fallen Star

It’s live on Android and should be live today on iOS. I redesigned the touch interface, removing the tooltip toggle function and made tooltips vs actions more streamline by differentiating between a Tap… Continue reading

Future game project: A big & bold space epic

I had two game in mind that I wanted to work on moving forward, a fantasy open world with empire building inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic (3), or a new sci-fi… Continue reading

Att: Android owners of Star Nomad 2 & Star Nomad Elite

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience. Due to issues I’ve mentioned here regarding new Android OS & devices: https://halfgeek.blog/2019/04/17/ios-android-updates-incoming-for-star-nomad-2-star-nomad-elite-ninja-girl/ I will be re-releasing new optimized builds of these games on Google Play as a… Continue reading

iOS (& Android) updates incoming for Star Nomad 2, Star Nomad Elite & Ninja Girl.

Since learning how to directly port over my PC games to iOS & Android, without reliance on now extinct 3rd party services, I wanted to revisit older games on iOS that have fallen… Continue reading

Nomads of the Fallen Star coming soon to iOS & Android!

It’s taken me some time to adapt for touch controls, re-work the UI and text to make it suitable for mobiles, along the way I’ve also learnt how to directly port over to… Continue reading

Nomads of the Fallen Star releasing on Steam/PC on the 30th January!

I’m happy to report the game is finally feature complete and the remaining time this month will be devoted to hunting down bugs and game balancing. I’ve submitted the Steam store page to… Continue reading

Nomads of the Fallen Star: Combat Mechanics

Turn-based RPGs are one of my favorite game genres. I grew up with lots of hours spent playing classics such as Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and cRPGs such as Fallout… Continue reading

Squad Management, Missions, Crafting, Trading & UI

Personally, the UI design I prefer in games focus on ease of function and minimal clicks with maximal information and lots of mouse-overs for extra info. I have carried through with this approach… Continue reading