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Star Nomad 2 is a space trader & combat sim set in a dynamic sandbox with an evolving conflict between three major splinter groups of humanity.

It distills elements of games that have left a very long lasting impression on me as a gamer over the years, such as:

Fallout 1/2, Star Wolves & FTL; inspired the tactical squad combat gameplay & random encounters.

Mount & Blade; inspired the dynamic factional conquest.

Escape Velocity, Privateer & Freelancer; inspired the space trader/simulator & dynamic universe.


Star Nomad 2 Features:

Space Trader: Dynamic chain of supply (each tradeship that lands on a port affect production), affected by events, piracy, supply/demand etc.

Squad Combat: Real-time, WASD flight, mouse weapons control with Tactical Pause.

RPG Progression: Player & NPC Progression via XP/skill trees as well as ships & a vast amount of modules.

Complex Faction Dynamics: AI conquer & defend systems with fleet movements. Your actions, big or small, have a major effect on the tide of conquest!

Dynamic Sandbox: A universe that is alive & responds to your actions, for good or bad.

Mining/Looting: Resource gathering to acquire elite ships & modules.

Random Events: Global events erupt to bring forth opportunities for a clever Pilot to exploit, profit & contribute.

Random Encounters: Run into situations where you are forced to make tough choices with consequences.

Freedom: Play as you wish, with many roles and a highly flexible skill customization for all kinds of character/squad builds.

Fleet Action: Engage in epic fleet battles between the factions, pick a side, or not, fly for yourself to become infamous!

Full Squad AI Control: Set and optimize each squad member’s behavior in combat to extract peak performance from your team. Don’t be caught flying with stupid ever again!

Clever Enemies: Small fast ships will abuse your slow big guns, capital ships will abuse their fast regenerating shields, only giving you a shot at their strong side, large fleets break up into squads (wolf-packs) and if the crap hits the fan, they can disengage in an attempt to flee!


Coms 3

Who doesn’t love hot & sticky balls of xeno-octopus??


Land on distant worlds, smuggle illicit goods in the process!

Tradeport 3

A neutral tradeport, where almost anything goes!

Conquest 1

Dynamic faction conquest, where your actions, big or small, have a direct consequence.


Humanity have long ago suffered an extinction-event of our own making. Few survived.

Those who did, committed themselves into the unknown with a leap of faith through an unstable wormhole, in a last ditch effort to save mankind.

The survivors, the best & brightest of our species, arrived on a distant planet, alien but with life-sustaining qualities similar to that of Earth. Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, colonists & those who led them toiled to create a thriving colony. They called it Liberty.

In time, humanity grew and spread, with new colonies on new worlds connected by technology that stabilize ephemeral wormholes. The colonies, under civil & corporate management together formed the Free Union, sharing the same goals & aspirations.

Humanity prospered, ushering in a new technological era, one where genetic diseases can be eradicated, broken limbs or failing organs replaced by better cybernetic or engineered variants. Progress was rapid, much too fast for culture or ethics to fully comprehend or contain.

Soon, humanity splintered into three distinct groups, those who were enhanced, through cybernetic or bio-genetically modified augmentations, and those who were considered “pure”. Inevitably, fear & loathing spawned tension.

The first spark was thrown by a terrorist of the Human Empire, a movement led by nobles who held the view that people who are artificially enhanced are no longer part of humanity. They are no more than a creation; “a droid or synthetic organ that talk or walk does not a human make”.

Jealousy & mistrust grew the ranks of the Human Empire, the terrorist organization grew too powerful to ignore. The Free Union exiled the Human Empire followers, sending them to an uncharted quadrant.

However, peace was short lived, the ideology divide between those who enhance their bodies and minds with cybernetics versus those who push the boundaries of genetic engineering was too great to co-exist. The Free Union offered newly discovered systems for the two groups to colonize, to build their own domains and live by their own prejudices & destiny.

With the passing of time, the divide has led to an even more polarization of views & beliefs among the three Factions, with the manifestation of their desires made a reality.

The geneticists have pushed beyond the boundaries of the human genome by incorporating xeno-genetics, splicing beneficial variants into embryos of each new generation. Desirable traits such as physical appearance, strength, speed, reflex & resilience along with neural processing capabilities were greatly enhanced. No longer fully human, they call themselves: Starborn.

Meanwhile, the Omni, more cybernetics than flesh & each a host to millions of nanobots, have achieved the singularity event. With the digitization of their consciousness, the Omni have achieved immortality, the long sought destiny of mankind. This gift is one that must be shared with those who have yet to transcend the flesh & mortality…


Additional Screenshots:

Smuggling 3

Be a Smuggler!

Coms 1

Be a Bounty Hunter!

Mining 02

Be a Miner!


Be a Merchant!


Be a pirate & plunder, to the victorious: glorious loot!

Fleet 01

Engage in large-scale Warfare!

Fleet 03

Be swept up in the grand dynamic conflict!