Star Nomad 2: Smuggling & Mining

22/08/2015: I’ve recently changed the LoS (Line-of-Sight) mechanic for the AI ships, so they only have a frontal cone where they track targets. The reason is to enhance Smuggling gameplay, allowing good pilots to sneak through patrols (or pirates/hostiles even!) to dock at a port and rake in the profits! Ofc, the bigger your cargo of contraband, the higher the risk of losing a lot when you do get caught!


A very lucrative source of income for pilots brave (or crazy) enough to sneak pass law enforcement & military patrols. High risk, high reward is the name of the game here, with one successful smuggling trip raking in the credits!

Note that depending on the Faction, certain valid tradegoods are considered illegal so pay attention to the descriptions!

For smugglers unfortunate enough to run into the law, they have to quickly decide:


Decide quickly! A non-answer leads to a negative outcome!

Choose to give up your cargo or try to make a run for it!

Obviously, any smuggler worth his spice is going make a mad dash to jump out of system.

Smuggling 2

You want these drugs? Gotta catch me first!!

If you make a run for it, you had better be good at dodging missiles or your ship engines are going to be knocked out, repeatedly, by EMP missiles. Also, once flagged a criminal, ports will not let you proceed to land as normal, so beware!

Hopefully it’s a fun playstyle, with lots of tension but plenty of reward!

Smuggling 3

Imperials ban a lot of stuff, beware!

ps. As all clever Smugglers know, systems under opposing faction siege are the perfect target for illicit drugs, stressed out civilians pay a high price AND military forces too busy fighting to scan for contraband!!



In all lawless (un-colonized) systems, there are a variety of mineable asteroids for pilots to claim, all they need is to equip an active mining laser module.

Mining 02

Systems further away from civilized space yield better asteroids & ores, but also pose higher risk as the frequency of pirate traffic increases.

Mining 03

To mine, just target the asteroid, and activate your mining module. The graviton beam will focus and fragment chunks of precious ores, ready for pickup into the cargo hold. Easy peasy!

All top tier (Mk3/4) modules as well as faction Ships require a certain number of the rarest ores, Gravonite & Elypsium, which are auto deposited (if you have any in your cargo) into your Universal Bank account upon docking at a port.

Besides mining to obtain these rare ores, they are also often dropped from tougher ship cargo and merchant vessels.