Star Nomad 2: NPC Side-Quests & Merchants Aint Just About Making Credits!

Just a small dev-update.

I’ve been busy crafting the random encounter system, but decided to take a detour.

I had dropped the idea of making custom NPC side-quests, due to potentially a lot of stuff to code along with everything else, I had worried it would detract from my focus on the core of the game.

But in making the recruitment quest/dialogues, it was obvious that it really needs to be done. These characters that join your squad, they are unique, with different backgrounds and goals. They join up for a major reason, they need your help as much as you need theirs. As such, its vital to see their goals fulfilled (if players choose to do so), as such, NPC side-quests are back in. 🙂

Regarding the trader or merchant playstyle, one would not think a trader can have a major impact on major factions fighting each other, but I’m making a special system just for that!

Besides assisting to resolve crises on planets or ports, such as delivering a huge load of Playthings to quell a riot or Meds to cure an epidemic, these actions result in a positive contribution to a faction.

Smugglers can also be a negative influence. Smuggle enough addictive drugs to a colony and soon many of the workers are addicts, causing a major decline in economic output & thus, weaker systems that contribute less to the war effort.

Whether being a positive or negative influence, the act itself gains the Pilot recognition along with XP, so being a merchant or smuggler is a viable route, besides making credits.