iOS 10 issues…

Update: I’ve fixed the engine bug/code myself and it no longer has a random crash. The update is submitted to Apple and should be online tomorrow or the next.


I can’t get over the fact Apple keeps on changing code compatibility, depreciating and removing old methods with new iOS iterations. I don’t mind having newer, better ways to accomplish things, but removing backwards compatibility for people’s prior code which works fine on iOS9, is very very annoying…

That out of the way, Star Nomad 2 will experience a random crash on iOS10 due to a specific Music bug (again, because iOS10 changed the way it does things considerably).

The temporary fix is to disable music (set it to zero in the options menu). Sound works fine.

I have submitted this issue to the game engine developers, hopefully they will release an update soon. As soon as this happens I will update Star Nomad 2 for iOS players.

Apologies in the meantime for the inconvenience.