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Star Nomad Elite, PC version on Android! Thanks Intel XDK! Features: Higher quality textures, faster load times, immersive mode (4.4+) & compatible with a wider range of devices (through the power of Intel’s XDK compiler!). Why a separate Elite Version? Technical reason:… Continue reading

Ninja Legacy is down for a remake!

Since Ninja Legacy’s release, I’ve learnt a lot on game development, specifically on the coding side of things as well as improving gameplay and stream-lining the UI. I am currently re-working it to make it… Continue reading

Re-launched Ninja Legacy on Android, using Intel’s Crosswalk compiler

August: GO HERE FOR UPDATED ARTICLE! Edit: June 2014, I’ve taken it off the store temporarily for a remake. Developing a HTML5 game means there’s broad compatibility, from browsers, facebook, windows 8 to mobiles.… Continue reading