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Star Nomad II: Firstlook at Pre-Alpha!

For more updates, head to main Star Nomad II section! 12th March 2015: Added a briefing on one of the major factions, the Starborn Federation. Star Nomad II (PC/MAC) can be quickly summed… Continue reading

Let’s Play Star Nomad

Here’s a short video of gameplay, it occurs around the half way point of the Prelude Story (1st half of the game). Another Let’s Play (The Phawx) here also at similar points. It… Continue reading

Star Nomad PC/MAC on Steam!

Just released on Steam today. Its got Steam achievements and re-balanced for quicker progression with more rewards for doing the story missions earlier. Available here:

Star Nomad 2 “In-progress”

I’ve just started working on Star Nomad 2 (still solo dev), its designed ground up for PC/MAC (and port to mobiles later) and this time, it will include a few extra key features such… Continue reading

Ninja Legacy Reboot! Now “Ninja Girl: RPG Defense”

I’ve spent the past few months in between working on Star Nomad to rebuild Ninja Legacy (the first project on my journey as a gamedev, it was a mess!) from scratch. The focus is to… Continue reading

Star Nomad Elite, PC version on Android! Thanks Intel XDK! Features: Higher quality textures, faster load times, immersive mode (4.4+) & compatible with a wider range of devices (through the power of Intel’s XDK compiler!). Why a separate Elite Version? Technical reason:… Continue reading

Ninja Legacy is down for a remake!

Since Ninja Legacy’s release, I’ve learnt a lot on game development, specifically on the coding side of things as well as improving gameplay and stream-lining the UI. I am currently re-working it to make it… Continue reading

Re-launched Ninja Legacy on Android, using Intel’s Crosswalk compiler

August: GO HERE FOR UPDATED ARTICLE! Edit: June 2014, I’ve taken it off the store temporarily for a remake. Developing a HTML5 game means there’s broad compatibility, from browsers, facebook, windows 8 to mobiles.… Continue reading