Epic Space RTS/RPG, inspired by Privateer/Elite/Escape Velocity!

Update (August 2014): Most of what I had originally planned made it to the final game, only the crafting system was left out because it did not fit in with the rest of the gameplay. If I ever make enough $ to work on Star Nomad 2, it will have a meaningful crafting system: making modules, missiles, ships & stations/factories from resources mined at asteroids.. with the mining done by automated drones you craft. The approach to combat is: You will lead large squads or fleets that are AI controlled (with toggled “personalities”), you control your main ship. You conquer systems, you expand your corporation into an empire, etc. with the same easy to use UI.


Classic sandbox style incorporating RTS gameplay mechanics.

Multiple factions, pick your foes and allies.

Trade in lucrative goods and even contraband!

Multiple ships to fly, fighters, trade ships, drone carriers.

Customize ship weapons/modules and drone selection.

Crafting system!

Random mission generator, seek and destroy, escort, blockade run, defend.

 Simple one-touch controls, touch to move, touch ability to use etc.

Endless fun and nostalgia.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots (Placeholder Asteroids and Playership, no Lighting):

bahEnemies will display a detection radius.

bah3Agricultural Station (Bio-dome), modular station base.


Refinery, uses ores/gems from Mining Stations to produce refined alloys.


Pleasure City Station, “Vegas in Space”!


Mining Station with Drones harvesting ores.

PiratesPirate Faction, Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Frigate and Cruiser. Grey circles are where auto-tracking turrets will go.