Sneak Peak of Character Art Update for Star Nomad

All the characters in Star Nomad are undergoing a remake, updating to a style that fits the game better: enhancing rather than detracting from the gameplay & immersion.

Here’s an early preview:

940 x 250 Star Nomad

Along with the art, a massive new storyline (an even more epic space opera!) that continues on after you’ve beaten the main plot, with new mission hubs, ships, modules. I’m working hard to make Star Nomad a success because its the culmination of my long dream, and I would love for Star Nomad 2 to see the light of day, so I thank everyone for the support!

Character Promo

Character Promo 2

Star Nomad 01

Star Nomad 02

Star Nomad 04

Star Nomad 06

Star Nomad 05

Star Nomad 03