Star Nomad 2 “In-progress”

SN2 Logo

I’ve just started working on Star Nomad 2 (still solo dev), its designed ground up for PC/MAC (and port to mobiles later) and this time, it will include a few extra key features such as:

  • full crafting system for modules & ships
  • build an upradeable mining capital ship (you could also mine/harvest yourself) & assign a system to mine.
  • recruit an elite squad to partake in your exploits.
  • your squad members gain XP in combat or on missions, allowing them to rank up and select a perk.
  • fleets can be called into system via activating a beacon upon which you can assign them commands
  • crafting progression by acquiring blueprints.
  • player progression will be via the crafting system to unlock more powerful modules/ships, as well as an XP system to unlock perks.
  • a dynamic trade system with a lot more depth. Imagine stations take materials to produce goods, with limited inventory if you deplete it, it will take a long time to replenish. With each NPC merchant ship that docks supplying materials, stations can replenish quicker. Thus, even as a trader, it benefits you to help merchants under pirate attacks, so that they can arrive at stations safely. Also systems or regions can have events that trigger shortages or surpluses, which you can view on station news, it will remain for a period of time allowing a quick trader to capitalize!

It’ll be more alike with X3 & Eve Online (more freedom and grander in scope), whereas Star Nomad 1 is more like Privateer & Freelancer (focus on the individual pilot & epic story line).

However, the grander scope will not mean the personal story is lost in the vastness, Star Nomad 2 will definitely have a great plot as well as retaining the easy UI & humor.

This time, I will take special care to ensure it shines fully as a PC quality squad-spacesim. If and when its ported to iOS & Android, it will be a premium app without any IAPs.

ps. Ignore the “coming soon”.. because frankly its a very ambitious project for a solo dev in my position, so when its done, it’s done. My personal goal is Q3 2015.