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Star Nomad 2 Update 2.22.08 (Beta @Android)

Some bug fixes and re-balancing. Thank you to players who have provided feedback! Fixed bug with new player Drone AI sometimes flying off into the void. Fixed a bug with Merchant NPC during… Continue reading

The problem with making games for Mobiles..

Star Nomad 2 was released in 2016 on Google Play & iOS. It was updated often during the first year, fixing bugs, adding features players requested. I’ve changed the UI, the flight systems,… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 Patch Notes (v 2.22.07)

Update (August 03 2022): This major update will be released as an Open Beta (accessible & opt-in) for Star Nomad 2 on Google Play store due to issues with changes to the Android… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 major update incoming

I often receive email from players telling me how much they enjoy Star Nomad 2, and they have good feedback over the years. It’s still selling well, especially on Android & iOS, so… Continue reading

Update & thanks to everyone who’ve played my games

2020 just flew by really quickly, and I know folks struggled through it. As for myself, I have been busy from late 2019 through in 2020 with a lot of work outside of… Continue reading

Update 1.04 for Android & iOS for Nomads of the Fallen Star

It’s live on Android and should be live today on iOS. I redesigned the touch interface, removing the tooltip toggle function and made tooltips vs actions more streamline by differentiating between a Tap… Continue reading

Future game project: A big & bold space epic

I had two game in mind that I wanted to work on moving forward, a fantasy open world with empire building inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic (3), or a new sci-fi… Continue reading

Att: Android owners of Star Nomad 2 & Star Nomad Elite

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience. Due to issues I’ve mentioned here regarding new Android OS & devices: I will be re-releasing new optimized builds of these games on Google Play as a… Continue reading

iOS (& Android) updates incoming for Star Nomad 2, Star Nomad Elite & Ninja Girl.

Since learning how to directly port over my PC games to iOS & Android, without reliance on now extinct 3rd party services, I wanted to revisit older games on iOS that have fallen… Continue reading

Ninja Girl & Star Nomad Elite offline on iOS

When I ported over these earlier games, I was using a semi-finished system from Apple, their newly released WKWebView engine that runs PC code¬†Javascript at near-native performance. Back then, it was functional but… Continue reading