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Update 1.04 for Android & iOS for Nomads of the Fallen Star

It’s live on Android and should be live today on iOS. I redesigned the touch interface, removing the tooltip toggle function and made tooltips vs actions more streamline by differentiating between a Tap… Continue reading

Future game project: A big & bold space epic

I had two game in mind that I wanted to work on moving forward, a fantasy open world with empire building inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic (3), or a new sci-fi… Continue reading

Att: Android owners of Star Nomad 2 & Star Nomad Elite

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience. Due to issues I’ve mentioned here regarding new Android OS & devices: I will be re-releasing new optimized builds of these games on Google Play as a… Continue reading

iOS (& Android) updates incoming for Star Nomad 2, Star Nomad Elite & Ninja Girl.

Since learning how to directly port over my PC games to iOS & Android, without reliance on now extinct 3rd party services, I wanted to revisit older games on iOS that have fallen… Continue reading

Ninja Girl & Star Nomad Elite offline on iOS

When I ported over these earlier games, I was using a semi-finished system from Apple, their newly released WKWebView engine that runs PC code Javascript at near-native performance. Back then, it was functional but… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 Released on iOS!

After a number of months spent porting over the polished PC build, Star Nomad 2 is finally out on Apple iOS, for iPad Mini 2, Air, iPhone 6 Plus or newer. This… Continue reading

The next big game project!

Update: September 2016 It’s now Nuclear Nomad. A post apocalyptic open world game that is inspired by Mad Max and Mount & Blade. The focus of the game is to take the dynamism… Continue reading

Help Star Nomad 2 get on Steam!

Trailer: Greenlight: Please vote YES! 🙂

Star Nomad 2: Faction Conquest, What Happens during a Siege?

During a random play test I happened to stumble into an Imperial system which was under pirate attack, the fighting was intense, with the defending Imperial quad wiped out by some pirate reinforcements. The… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: Introducing the Starborn Federation!

In the universe of Star Nomad II, three major factions vie for supremacy through conquest. Smaller factions play their roles among this overarching theme of large scale dynamic conflict. During times of crisis,… Continue reading