Devblog Update: 18/11/2015

For the past 2 week I’ve been busy bug-hunting and balancing the game difficulty, progression (XP, Reputation, Faction Standing) and the various factions.

The bug-list is up to ~100, an astounding number that surprised me given that I made the game in small modules, tested, then integrated, tested again.

I’ve also added a few new features, such as a targeting HUD, showing the current target without text-spam.

On mouse-over the target HUD, more info is displayed about the target, otherwise, it’s all kept to a minimum.

Battle Union vs Pirates 02

Targeting HUD top-right next to mini-map.


Another change is in how squad NPCs communicate, they each have their own dialogue box floating above their ship, rather than sharing the main text-box.

It was getting too cluttered and busy with all the global events and faction conquest update.

NPC Coms 01

Now that’s better, less clutter, more “RPG-ish”, like Fallout 1/2 NPCs!

NPC Coms 02

These pirates have elite taunt skill maxed out!

NPC Coms 03

Talon is a kill-stealing fly-girl!

Faction War 05

Balancing faction conquest, all done! Yeah!


It’s currently ON SCHEDULE for a release around mid-December, before Xmas, next month.

Oh, I’ve also made some modding possible, by reading game-data from text files for modules, weapons, ships, etc. I’m sure some gamers love to tinker or re-balance things for fun!