Finding the right music for Star Nomad 2

I’ve contacted a composer I really like, see how it turns out, whether I can afford it or not.

But the current plan is for completely separate music style based on the faction system you are flying in.

Visually it already looks very distinctive, so it makes sense for the music to give it unique flavor between the factions.


Human Empire: Cyberpunk & Dystopian.

Starborn Federation: Sci-fi Spiritual & Mysterious.

Omni Collective: Dark Post-Human.

Free Union: Uplifting Sci-Fi 80s Retro/Synth/Techno-Pop. Oasis in dark times.

Deep Space: Tension, exploratory ambiance, danger lurking in the shadows.

Hopefully it turns out to be a good decision to split up the music styles for the different factions.