Star Nomad 2 release on 14/12/2015!

After many long days & nights of solo-dev effort, I’m proud to present Star Nomad 2 to the public.

On Steam:

Steam Logo 616 x 353 v2


It is best described as a real-time squad-tactical combat game, with a deep economic & dynamic faction conquest system, a strong RPG focus and Rogue-like-esque gameplay.

As such, the first “games similar to this” that comes to mind are top-down spacesims like Escape Velocity (or Space Rangers, SPAZ, Starsector) crossed with Mount & Blade + FTL hybrid.

It was designed to be accessible and not overwhelming, but there’s plenty of depth underneath, with complex simulations that are unbeknownst to players while offering a dynamic sandbox that responds to player actions or in-actions.

Selected access to beta testing is currently underway to help me fine tune balance & progression along with bug hunting.

I would like to invite streamers or content makers, if you are interested, please contact me for early access.

Twitter: @AH_Phan

See you in space, Pilots!

ps. It’s DRM free as is, but I hope to also release a non-Steam version directly from my site (Paypal) for people who dislike using Steam, at a discount. 🙂