The next big game project!

Update: September 2016

It’s now Nuclear Nomad.

A post apocalyptic open world game that is inspired by Mad Max and Mount & Blade. The focus of the game is to take the dynamism and economic simulation of Star Nomad 2 to the next level.

Gameplay will occur on a persistent world map where five major Factions trade, raid, protect and expand their territories in real-time. Each action has consequences because everything, squads, vehicles, modules, even the varied ammunition used to fire weapons, are accounted for.

An entire supply chain, on the move as Caravans take goods produced by a village or town to a factory be transformed into an intermediate and finally transported to be assembled into the final product for trade or use.

That military squad of powerful vehicles too intimidating to take head on? They wouldn’t be very intimidating when their weapons can’t fire due to lack of ammunition. Nor would their vehicles be capable in a fight without Fuel. Their crew? Wouldn’t be around for long when their Rations are depleted…

That Faction is growing too powerful? They would certainly feel the effects of a few major Caravan raids, depriving their factories from producing reinforcement vehicles.

All traded commodities are important. Beer especially. Depriving miners of their precious booze and suddenly production of even more precious ores come to a halt. Soon the entire supply chain of a Faction and their ability to wage war is halted, just because you decided to plunder that Caravan hauling Beers.

Think back to the scene in the recent Mad Max, where Immortan Joe says:

“Once again, we send off my War Rig to bring back gasoline from Gas Town, and bullets from the Bullet Farm.”

That’s where the inspiration comes from. Because even at the end of the world, we will still fight over the little resources that remains.