Star Nomad 2 on Android!

The launch on iOS last month provided some much needed feedback on the mobile port, and I’ve taken in the responses and suggestions to improve the game further. There’s now two modes of flight controls, giving players a choice to get comfortable in space. Bugs were killed and some more polish was added.

This was the build which I then worked to port over to Android and after testing on a wide range of devices, I’m happy to release it on Google’s Playstore!



The recommended specs are there due to the thousands of devices on Android, but it also runs on weaker spec devices, just with some slowdowns during the biggest conquest battles. As an example, I’ve tested it on an Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution and really weak hardware, but it managed to run really well (30 to 45 fps, smooth gameplay).

So if your device doesn’t meet the recommended specs, still give it a try if you don’t mind getting 30 fps instead of 60 fps. 🙂