Star Nomad 2 Update 2.22.08 (Beta @Android)

Some bug fixes and re-balancing. Thank you to players who have provided feedback!

Fixed bug with new player Drone AI sometimes flying off into the void.

Fixed a bug with Merchant NPC during random encounters, if the player is busy in conversation, and Pirates or Zerkers interrupt, it will now resume normal flight.

The Starborn’s Corvette and Frigate had the RoF for Valiant Mk2 torpedoes reduced by 33%.

The Omni Collective has increased their ship hull plating, boosting resistances against Kinetic & Energy damage, and armor rating slightly. This change improves their odds vs their foes, the Starborn & Human Empire.

The Human Empire has upgraded their shield modules, boosting resistances against Kinetic damage slightly, improving their odds against the Starborn during fleet battles.

Added 3 travel ambience music tracks, and 2 more combat music tracks!

This update should be rolled out on Google Play in the next few days.

It includes all the previous changes in 2.22.07 as seen here: