Star Nomad Elite on iOS

[iTunes Link]

The full widescreen PC/MAC version with enhanced HD resolution, effects and identical gameplay is now available on iOS for both iPhone 6/Plus & iPads with Retina Displays.

With a new iOS8+ compiler, the PC build of Star Nomad runs blazing fast & smooth on iOS without porting to native Objective C.

It also runs great on iPhone 5S, however, the screen size is too small for fine touch controls so it’s not recommended. A screen size of 4.7′ is the minimum target for optimal gameplay.

The old free low-res iPad only version has been removed from the store.

*** Star Nomad automatically saves your progress, iOS users please ensure your device is not very low/out of storage or you may lose your progress! On some devices, when you finish playing & exit, please remove Star Nomad from the list of idle apps by double tapping the home button to prevent excessive battery draining on sleep.