Star Nomad II: Player Skills & NPC Perks!

In Star Nomad II, progression is a combination of acquiring wealth & reputation with factions to get better ships & modules, basically the material gains.

Progression also centers on developing your character as you gain experience, as such, there’s a very flexible skill tree that enables players to finely customize their pilot’s career.

Pilot Skill

Player skill-tree menu, while landed on a hi-tech & civilized planet.

The skill tree is unique in that it allows cross selection of any skill. Here, you unlock new tiers of skills to train in by spending skill points in any skill. It’s flexibility allow mix & match between the various branches to best fine-tune your pilot.

At Tier 7, players can select from one of five unique active abilities (hotkey activated, timed cooldown) to enhance various play styles.

During your journey within the Sector and as you build up your reputation from being a nobody to a more renowned pilot, several characters may offer to join your squad, to share in the glory, adventure & loot! They have their own back-story (which you will unravel in special missions) and agendas, but once in your squad, they follow your lead.

Each NPC has wide range of Perks. At each tier, you have the option of selecting 1 of 2 Perks that further specialize the role of that NPC in your Squad. Thus, you can compliment your own build with that of NPCs to build a balanced Squad.

Talon: She’s an ex-slave turned pirate turned mercenary escort. Her ship is a fast assault Corvette that excels in long-range combat with a Plasma Torpedo Launcher as primary and LRM Predator missiles as secondary weapons.

Talon Perks

Corsair: He is an ex-Empire military pilot turned private bounty hunter. His ship is a modified Empire Frigate that specializes in Particle Beams that can restore ally shields. Secondary options include Hunter Combat Drones, LRM Predator missiles or Repair Drones.

Corsair Perks

Grace: She is the daughter of a very powerful Starborn Councillor, bored with her race’s desire for perfection & rigid social protocols, she seeks adventure and to find out what it means to be human in this mad conflict that may well end humanity. Her ship is a powerful Federation Cruiser, able to dish out or take extreme punishment.

Grace Perks