Att: Android owners of Star Nomad 2 & Star Nomad Elite

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience.

Due to issues I’ve mentioned here regarding new Android OS & devices:

I will be re-releasing new optimized builds of these games on Google Play as a separate game (as I cannot update the old version). Star Nomad 2 (Oreo+) will be released today, with Star Nomad Elite (Oreo+) coming next week.

If you have purchased these games already, please contact me with the purchase ID and I will give you a key for a free copy of the new version when they are released.

The offer remains open indefinitely, though I can only give out 500 keys per quarter due to Google limitations.

The old version of Star Nomad 2 will still exist, as it fully supports Android 5, 6 and most 7 devices. It’s an option for players who have older devices or Android OS.


Twitter: @AH_Phan