Future game project: A big & bold space epic

I had two game in mind that I wanted to work on moving forward, a fantasy open world with empire building inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic (3), or a new sci-fi space epic focused on large fleets & empire building.

I’ve always loved space theme and sci-fi more than fantasy, but I hesitated to go down that route for the next game due to the many titles in this genre. Games like Star Sector and Stellar Tactics where its a one-man dev effort have raised the bar so high that I was afraid I had no chance to come close.

But after much thought, and recalling why I became a gamedev in the first place, I decided to go back to my favorite genre: space. To travel among the stars as a nobody, to eventually becoming the leader of an empire and deciding the fate of the galaxy is too big a calling to ignore. 🙂

With this game, I want to capture the dynamism and economic depth from Eve Online (I was an avid player back then in its early days), where player factions would wage war on each other, driven by the economic engine of resource gathering, shipping and production. Combat will be an expanded Star Nomad 2 style, real-time with tactical pause, with a focus on mixed fleet and space carrier warfare.

While I may never reach the same level as those talented one-man devs out there, I will try my best to meet my own expectations & that of gamers who love this genre.