Update on future space epic & my Gamedev journey

Just a short blog to update those who have enjoyed my games in the past, that my new project is coming along well.

I’ve been working on a random universe generator, similar to Endless Space, for each new game all the stars, planets and moons are randomized. It works well, my next stage is to create local economies, and corporations zones of control and orbital industries.

The global map will display the star system and several planets and moons in orbit, and will act as the strategic layer where fleets will roam. When players arrive at a star system, they will enter a more detailed map with all of the planets, moons and orbital industries along with ships in-system.

My goal for this game is to have one of the most deep and meaningful economic simulation that drives everything. It’s something that’s quite lacking in space games, barring a few such as Eve Online and the X-series.

As for my gamedev journey, Nomads of the Fallen Star has been quite a disappointment for me in terms of sales. It seems the break away to try a different genre wasn’t a good idea, and I should have focused on staying in space where I’m more tuned-in on what makes a good game.

I’ve got some part time work as a technical writer for a science lab, so it will help pay the bills as I focus on making this next space epic that I envision clearly in my mind into reality.

Being a solo gamedev ain’t easy, that’s for sure!