Update 1.04 for Android & iOS for Nomads of the Fallen Star

It’s live on Android and should be live today on iOS.

I redesigned the touch interface, removing the tooltip toggle function and made tooltips vs actions more streamline by differentiating between a Tap versus Tap & Hold (~0.5s). This avoids the extra step in toggling Info vs Action modes by tapping the [?] icon whenever players wanted tooltips or to do an action.

Camera control was also quite awkward with the d-pad and so I made multi-touch gestures function, in particular, scrolling on the world map can be done with 2 fingers as is more commonly done on mobile games. Not sure why I didn’t think of it before, it’s one of those bad ideas that seemed OK at the time…

I’ve also increased the size of some additional icons and fixed a few reported bugs in 1.04, in particular, some users reported the trade menu being non-responsive.