Update & thanks to everyone who’ve played my games

2020 just flew by really quickly, and I know folks struggled through it. As for myself, I have been busy from late 2019 through in 2020 with a lot of work outside of game development. Out of necessity to provide for my family.

Once in awhile I check the sales figure or press coverage to see how my old games are doing, and surprisingly, players still buy and play my games, and some are even kind enough to leave positive reviews. It means a great deal to me, as it keeps my dream of being a gamedev alive.

Recently, our life situation has changed and I have been able to focus on being a gamedev again, and picked up where I left off on the next space epic.

It will feature our three main factions from Star Nomad 2 (Empire, Omni & Starborn), along with several alien species, and a host of many other smaller factions, vying for survival or conquest on a grand star map.

I love the aesthetics & lore of these major factions so I wanted to develop them further. As for the main gameplay, it will be a huge starmap filled with many systems, each with planets & moons that can be developed with resource, production and orbital facilities (shipyards, sensors, tradeports and defensive platforms).

The playstyle can best be described as a real-time (with pause) Total War campaign map, with instanced battles that are also real-time with pause. So unlike Total War or other 4X games, it will not be turn based as I feel it can slow down too much in the mid and late game, the biggest drawbacks of games of this genre and something I found to be unfun, despite these games having an excellent early game.

It’s coming along, but with 3 kids and being the home dad taking care of all the housework, progress is slow so I do not know when I will have it playable for beta or early access for players.

In the meantime, I just want to say thank you to any of you guys who have played my games and left a nice review, and particular to those who get their friends to try it. Also, to the game press, for giving my games some coverage, thank you.