Star Nomad, Sandbox RTS inspired by Privateer/Elite/Escape Velocity coming along nicely!

Decided on Star Nomad as name. Game is coming along very nice, all the factional AI (2 main corporate/military faction, a militia faction, pirates and merchants) is completed, fighting between faction fleets work… Continue reading

Epic Space RTS/RPG, inspired by Privateer/Elite/Escape Velocity!

Update (August 2014): Most of what I had originally planned made it to the final game, only the crafting system was left out because it did not fit in with the rest of… Continue reading

Re-launched Ninja Legacy on Android, using Intel’s Crosswalk compiler

August:¬†GO HERE FOR UPDATED ARTICLE! Edit: June 2014, I’ve taken it off the store temporarily for a remake. Developing a HTML5 game means there’s broad compatibility, from browsers, facebook, windows 8 to mobiles.… Continue reading