The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player

[The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player] In building Star Nomad II, my main goal was to create a universe that feels alive & dynamic. One of… Continue reading

SNII: Planet Art Overhaul

Major planets will be the main destinations for the bulk of the game, including conquest, as such they need to look impressive & unique. In order to achieve that, I have separate sections… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: Player Skills & NPC Perks!

In Star Nomad II, progression is a combination of acquiring wealth & reputation with factions to get better ships & modules, basically the material gains. Progression also centers on developing your character as… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: UI & Mechanics “First Look”

I’ll be the first to admit, I am terrible at making good looking & functional UI. Functional yes, but not functional & good looking. 🙂 So I will keep it simplistic, minimal and… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: Introducing the Starborn Federation!

In the universe of Star Nomad II, three major factions vie for supremacy through conquest. Smaller factions play their roles among this overarching theme of large scale dynamic conflict. During times of crisis,… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: Firstlook at Pre-Alpha!

For more updates, head to main Star Nomad II section! 12th March 2015: Added a briefing on one of the major factions, the Starborn Federation. Star Nomad II (PC/MAC) can be quickly summed… Continue reading

Let’s Play Star Nomad

Here’s a short video of gameplay, it occurs around the half way point of the Prelude Story (1st half of the game). Another Let’s Play (The Phawx) here also at similar points. It… Continue reading

Star Nomad PC/MAC on Steam!

Just released on Steam today. Its got Steam achievements and re-balanced for quicker progression with more rewards for doing the story missions earlier. Available here:

Star Nomad Elite on iOS

[iTunes Link] The full widescreen PC/MAC version with enhanced HD resolution, effects and identical gameplay is now available on iOS for both iPhone 6/Plus & iPads with Retina Displays. With a new iOS8+ compiler,… Continue reading

Parallax & Trails, Oh My!

When I started on Star Nomad earlier in the year, I was very mild in my expectations on it graphically, for the main reason that it was designed to be a cross-platform game… Continue reading