Devblog Update: 18/11/2015

For the past 2 week I’ve been busy bug-hunting and balancing the game difficulty, progression (XP, Reputation, Faction Standing) and the various factions. The bug-list is up to ~100, an astounding number that… Continue reading

Finding the right music for Star Nomad 2

I’ve contacted a composer I really like, see how it turns out, whether I can afford it or not. But the current plan is for completely separate music style based on the faction… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 27/10/2015

I’ve been very busy these past few days polishing the game and doing bits and pieces where I see a need as I play test. Lots of things got done, but I focused… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2: NPC Side-Quests & Merchants Aint Just About Making Credits!

Just a small dev-update. I’ve been busy crafting the random encounter system, but decided to take a detour. I had dropped the idea of making custom NPC side-quests, due to potentially a lot… Continue reading

Help Star Nomad 2 get on Steam!

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Star Nomad 2: Faction Conquest, What Happens during a Siege?

During a random play test I happened to stumble into an Imperial system which was under pirate attack, the fighting was intense, with the defending Imperial quad wiped out by some pirate reinforcements. The… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2: Smuggling & Mining

22/08/2015: I’ve recently changed the LoS (Line-of-Sight) mechanic for the AI ships, so they only have a frontal cone where they track targets. The reason is to enhance Smuggling gameplay, allowing good pilots… Continue reading

The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player

[The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player] In building Star Nomad II, my main goal was to create a universe that feels alive & dynamic. One of… Continue reading

SNII: Planet Art Overhaul

Major planets will be the main destinations for the bulk of the game, including conquest, as such they need to look impressive & unique. In order to achieve that, I have separate sections… Continue reading

Star Nomad II: Player Skills & NPC Perks!

In Star Nomad II, progression is a combination of acquiring wealth & reputation with factions to get better ships & modules, basically the material gains. Progression also centers on developing your character as… Continue reading