Nomads of the Fallen Star coming soon to iOS & Android!

It’s taken me some time to adapt for touch controls, re-work the UI and text to make it suitable for mobiles, along the way I’ve also learnt how to directly port over to… Continue reading

Nomads of the Fallen Star releasing on Steam/PC on the 30th January!

I’m happy to report the game is finally feature complete and the remaining time this month will be devoted to hunting down bugs and game balancing. I’ve submitted the Steam store page to… Continue reading

Nomads of the Fallen Star: Combat Mechanics

Turn-based RPGs are one of my favorite game genres. I grew up with lots of hours spent playing classics such as Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and cRPGs such as Fallout… Continue reading

Squad Management, Missions, Crafting, Trading & UI

Personally, the UI design I prefer in games focus on ease of function and minimal clicks with maximal information and lots of mouse-overs for extra info. I have carried through with this approach… Continue reading

The Game World

In my previous blog entry, “Surviving Mid-Development Hell“, I described the process that resulted in the game becoming very different to what I had once envisioned nearly 3 years ago. Despite these differences,… Continue reading

Chess in a post-apocalypse world

That’s the combat style I wanted to take this next open world RPG towards. Grid-based, clever AI, with an intensity to combat due to harsh consequences. The player’s squad recruits and NPCs are… Continue reading

Surviving Mid-Development Hell

It’s been a long hiatus on my developer blog as I’ve been stuck in what game developers often refer to as “Mid-Development Hell”. It’s a phenomenon where the end is just not within… Continue reading

Holiday Greetings & Video Tutorial

Greetings Pilots, It’s been a year already since release, how time flies! I just wanted to give a heads up, the game will go on a 50% sale on Steam for the holiday… Continue reading

iOS 10 issues…

Update: I’ve fixed the engine bug/code myself and it no longer has a random crash. The update is submitted to Apple and should be online tomorrow or the next. ———————— I can’t get… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 updated on iOS

Fixed the major compatibility issue with iOS10+ so it now no longer gets stuck on load or crash! Also reduced memory usage slightly. Currently testing a rebuild of Star Nomad Elite for iOS… Continue reading