Star Nomad 2 release on 14/12/2015!

After many long days & nights of solo-dev effort, I’m proud to present Star Nomad 2 to the public. On Steam:┬á     It is best described as a real-time squad-tactical combat game,… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 25/11/2015

The past week I’ve been busy with more bug-killing and game balancing. A few notables: Player drones auto-return to player when damaged, dock on proximity to repair & launch a new drone. Added… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 18/11/2015

For the past 2 week I’ve been busy bug-hunting and balancing the game difficulty, progression (XP, Reputation, Faction Standing) and the various factions. The bug-list is up to ~100, an astounding number that… Continue reading

Finding the right music for Star Nomad 2

I’ve contacted a composer I really like, see how it turns out, whether I can afford it or not. But the current plan is for completely separate music style based on the faction… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 27/10/2015

I’ve been very busy these past few days polishing the game and doing bits and pieces where I see a need as I play test. Lots of things got done, but I focused… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2: NPC Side-Quests & Merchants Aint Just About Making Credits!

Just a small dev-update. I’ve been busy crafting the random encounter system, but decided to take a detour. I had dropped the idea of making custom NPC side-quests, due to potentially a lot… Continue reading

Help Star Nomad 2 get on Steam!

Trailer: Greenlight: Please vote YES! ­čÖé

Star Nomad 2: Faction Conquest, What Happens during a Siege?

During a random play test I happened to stumble into an Imperial system which was under pirate attack, the fighting was intense, with the defending Imperial quad wiped out by┬ásome pirate reinforcements. The… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2: Smuggling & Mining

22/08/2015: I’ve recently changed the LoS (Line-of-Sight) mechanic for the AI ships, so they only have a frontal cone where they track targets. The reason is to enhance Smuggling gameplay, allowing good pilots… Continue reading

The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player

[The Universe of Star Nomad II & How it Relates to the Player] In building Star Nomad II, my main goal was to create a universe that feels alive & dynamic. One of… Continue reading