iOS 10.0.2 crashes Star Nomad 2…

Just to update, I am aware of the issues on the most recent iOS update. The game sometimes get stuck during loading, which can be fixed by force exit and re-launching. It will… Continue reading

Ninja Girl & Star Nomad Elite offline on iOS

When I ported over these earlier games, I was using a semi-finished system from Apple, their newly released WKWebView engine that runs PC code Javascript at near-native performance. Back then, it was functional but… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 on Android!

The launch on iOS last month provided some much needed feedback on the mobile port, and I’ve taken in the responses and suggestions to improve the game further. There’s now two modes of… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 Released on iOS!

After a number of months spent porting over the polished PC build, Star Nomad 2 is finally out on Apple iOS, for iPad Mini 2, Air, iPhone 6 Plus or newer. This… Continue reading

The next big game project!

Update: September 2016 It’s now Nuclear Nomad. A post apocalyptic open world game that is inspired by Mad Max and Mount & Blade. The focus of the game is to take the dynamism… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 release on 14/12/2015!

After many long days & nights of solo-dev effort, I’m proud to present Star Nomad 2 to the public. On Steam:     It is best described as a real-time squad-tactical combat game,… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 25/11/2015

The past week I’ve been busy with more bug-killing and game balancing. A few notables: Player drones auto-return to player when damaged, dock on proximity to repair & launch a new drone. Added… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 18/11/2015

For the past 2 week I’ve been busy bug-hunting and balancing the game difficulty, progression (XP, Reputation, Faction Standing) and the various factions. The bug-list is up to ~100, an astounding number that… Continue reading

Finding the right music for Star Nomad 2

I’ve contacted a composer I really like, see how it turns out, whether I can afford it or not. But the current plan is for completely separate music style based on the faction… Continue reading

Devblog Update: 27/10/2015

I’ve been very busy these past few days polishing the game and doing bits and pieces where I see a need as I play test. Lots of things got done, but I focused… Continue reading