Star Nomad PC/MAC on Steam!

Just released on Steam today. Its got Steam achievements and re-balanced for quicker progression with more rewards for doing the story missions earlier. Available here:

Star Nomad Elite on iOS

[iTunes Link] The full widescreen PC/MAC version with enhanced HD resolution, effects and identical gameplay is now available on iOS for both iPhone 6/Plus & iPads with Retina Displays. With a new iOS8+ compiler,… Continue reading

Parallax & Trails, Oh My!

When I started on Star Nomad earlier in the year, I was very mild in my expectations on it graphically, for the main reason that it was designed to be a cross-platform game… Continue reading

Help Star Nomad get on Steam!

If you’ve enjoyed the game on any platform, please give me a few seconds of your time and hit the Yes vote on Steam Greenlight! Update 2nd December 2014: Today I had a… Continue reading

Star Nomad Update to bring Mining!

It’s something that a lot of players have requested in their feedback and I’ve developed it for Star Nomad 2, but in a coming update, Asteroid Mining will be a new feature to… Continue reading

Star Nomad 2 “In-progress”

I’ve just started working on Star Nomad 2 (still solo dev), its designed ground up for PC/MAC (and port to mobiles later) and this time, it will include a few extra key features such… Continue reading

Star Nomad voted by Reddit/AndroidGaming: Top 9 “Hidden Gems”!

[Reddit Link] Much wow, what amaze! 😀 Seriously, very humbling and a great morale boost for a struggling solo game dev.

Ninja Legacy Reboot! Now “Ninja Girl: RPG Defense”

I’ve spent the past few months in between working on Star Nomad to rebuild Ninja Legacy (the first project on my journey as a gamedev, it was a mess!) from scratch. The focus is to… Continue reading

Star Nomad Elite, PC version on Android! Thanks Intel XDK! Features: Higher quality textures, faster load times, immersive mode (4.4+) & compatible with a wider range of devices (through the power of Intel’s XDK compiler!). Why a separate Elite Version? Technical reason:… Continue reading

Star Nomad PC/MAC on Desura!

Desura accepted Star Nomad for sale on their distribution network! Grab it here: